Roderik Sorbi

Bedrijf DVJ Insights
Functie Senior Client Consultant


Prior to joining DVJ Insights Roderik Sorbi worked for 10 years at agency side in the role of Client Service Director and 15+ years on client side. Roderik has ample experience in national and international studies and as marketeer. He is above all passionate about using innovative techniques in market research which lead to uptaining richer insights.

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6 februari
Ronde 4:
13:45 - 14:30

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How Swinkels Family Brewers brings their brand essence of 8.6 to life

Thema: Insights

Zaal: Perspective zaal

Without having the right insights, it can be a challenge creating brand activation that truly fits your strategy. By linking storytelling and analytics Swinkels Family Brewers was able to define and activate their ‘intensity’ based strategy. Swinkels Family Brewers and DVJ Insights share how an ‘intense’ approach led to valuable learnings that enabled Bavaria to create a seemless link between their brand activation and strategy.

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